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Five kinds of digital application software connecting prepress and inkjet printing

with the development and improvement of dot copy scanning technology, digital proofing, computer direct plate making and digital process flow, the factors that hinder the promotion of digital technology gradually disappear. Advanced output technology and intelligent workflow management make the operation of digital printing more efficient

digital process application screen Equipos process

the operation concept of Equipos' all-round workflow is: an independent user interface can operate and control multiple/different output devices. Equipos integrates rich prepress functions and mature technology, which can carry out fully automated work and realize high-speed variable printing. The screen combines the original exquisite prepress technology with the latest on-demand printing technology

Equipos is a new generation of work flow of screen, which supports all on-demand printing (POD) and CTP solutions at the same time, and can realize the full automation of printing production

collection of other digital processes:

I. digital printing workflow - Heidelberg Yintong

How can we make the best use of the integrated workflow and maximize its effectiveness? Heidelberg's printing process software gives printing enterprises endless possibilities. The launch of Yintong post press management system represents that Heidelberg has completed the last piece of the puzzle and become the only supplier that provides a fully integrated printing enterprise process solution - from enterprise order receiving, production arrangement to delivery and invoicing, enterprises can freely choose their own Yintong module

II. Digital process case Kodak yinnengjie

most printing service providers are facing fierce market competition, and the profit margin is declining. In order to meet these challenges, they have taken various actions: improve the level of automation to reduce labor; Reduce waste; Implement the new system; And launch new services. Kodak unified workflow solution integrates all kinds of systems. It is a comprehensive solution that integrates and unifies the processes of production, color and data. This innovative solution will change the business model and provide support for users to expand new services and new markets

III. digital process cases Chen Yanwen, the new golden we work operation officer of Xerox freeflow digital workflow collection software, pointed out the key - technology is king, function enhanced edition, so that printers can maintain good competitiveness in the increasingly demanding printing industry. Xeroxfreeflow digital workflow acquisition software enhanced version mainly includes several popular freeflow solutions that have been upgraded, providing printers with innovative methods to maximize the use of time, productivity and resources

IV. application case of digital workflow founder Changliu

founder Changliu digital workflow management system software (hereinafter referred to as Changliu system) has nearly 1500 users since its launch in 2001. At present, the software has been updated to version 5.1. The newly launched founder Changliu 5.1 cantilever impact tester has greatly improved the efficiency, accuracy and ease of operation of document processing. Its standard sample specification in ASTM is 646, gb/t 10808 ⑵ 006, and the determination of tear strength of polymer porous elastic materials 12.7 3.2mm (2.5 0.5 0.125 inches)

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