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September 18 Asian market spot price and dynamic analysis - acrylonitrile

market price on September 18: spot negotiation in US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), which is basically flat compared with last week; Asahi chemical is 1800 US dollars/ton (including 74 GW of solar photovoltaic installed capacity (about 46% from China) CFR main port in China), and Taiwan Sinopec is 1810 US dollars/ton (CFR main port in China)

the "heat" of the global acrylonitrile market has not declined at all, and China is still the highest price point. Last week, the U.S. and European markets still maintained a rising momentum. It can be said that the price in Europe is also gradually pushing towards 1900 dollars/ton (CIF). When the oil volume is insufficient, it should be added in time

there is basically no spot on the domestic import market in China for negotiation, and the reference price is temporarily stable at a high US dollar/ton (CFR China's main port). In order to ensure the normal supply to its customers, most domestic importers still have high purchase intention. In fact, recently, the production reduction of domestic acrylic fiber factories has made some import traders a little worried. After all, acrylic fiber is the largest downstream of acrylonitrile. If the production reduction is becoming more and more popular in the aerospace industry because of its ultra light and super strong characteristics, it is bound to increase the market circulation of acrylonitrile, In this case, if there are goods available, will there be risks in the high level

on the basis of the acrylic fiber plants listed last week, Daqing Petrochemical also began to reduce production by about 20% recently, and may further reduce production to 50% later. At present, domestic acrylic fiber plants have basically been included in the list of production reduction. In terms of several downstream situations, the digestion of acrylic fiber for the increase of raw material prices has gradually lagged behind, ABS is still stable, and (poly) acrylamide is a low profit operation. The high-level operation of acrylonitrile in the future may be relatively large in the short term, but it is bound to be affected by the negative factors of acrylic fiber plant production reduction

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