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Heihe iarc63 fault arc alarm circuit breaker manufacturer chooses Shanghai Jiyi

Heihe iarc63 fault arc alarm circuit breaker manufacturer chooses Shanghai Jiyi

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Heihe iarc63 fault arc alarm circuit breaker manufacturer selects Shanghai Jiyi

fault arc circuit breaker, arc fault circuit breaker, AFDD, AFCI, IARC 16, IARC 32, IARC 63. Detecting fault arc belongs to a judgment on the essence of the danger signal that causes electrical fire. 1. Electric arc caused by aging and damage of wires. a. The use environment of wires is relatively bad, and the insulation layer is affected by high temperature, humidity or corrosion, resulting in the decline of insulation performance. b. The power supply has overvoltage, which makes the wire insulation breakdown. c. The installation is not standard, and the wire connection point is loose. d. There are impurities at the connection of wires, such as oxide layer, soil, oil, etc. a. Electrical appliances exceed the service life, B. There are many dust and sundries inside the electrical appliances, and the insulation performance is reduced, causing electric arc. c. The internal insulation layer of electrical appliances was bitten by rats and other animals, and other reasons led to wire damage and poor insulation. The traditional MCB or RCD technology can not detect the parallel arc and series arc, and the residual current electrical fire monitoring detector in the current market can not detect the leakage current and high-frequency components of residual current between the phase line and the earth

therefore, it is particularly important to prevent this kind of electrical fire caused by fault arc. Arc fault detection device is a new kind of power line protection device, referred to as AFDD (arcfaultdetectiondevices). Its main function is to detect and identify dangerous grounding arc faults, parallel arc faults and series arc faults, and drive the device that disconnects the current in time to avoid electrical fire. The embedded system digital circuit control and arc feature recognition algorithm are adopted, which is small in size and powerful in function. The integrated leakage current protection function realizes the automatic monitoring and protection of fault arc and leakage current, and effectively ensures the safety of low-voltage distribution lines, electrical equipment and people. The fault arc comprehensive detection method based on the combination of time-domain typical feature detection of line current and frequency-domain FFT is adopted to realize the simultaneous location of time-domain and frequency-domain. Enter the stage of rapid growth. At present, smart electricity has entered an important period of construction. China's urbanization construction is proceeding rapidly. The intelligent construction of urban and rural power distribution will also be carried out in an all-round way. Smart electricity and smart complete sets of equipment, smart distribution and control system will usher in a golden period of development. With the continuous development of production technology of low-voltage electrical appliances, a new generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances with intelligent, modular and communicable characteristics will become the mainstream products in the market. The market share of medium and high-end low-voltage electrical appliances will be further expanded. In the context of industrial restructuring and the development of low-carbon economy, a new generation of energy-saving, material-saving and high-performance low-voltage electrical products will get greater development, and the market demand will become increasingly strong, which also provides a rare opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of low-voltage electrical industry in the face of the huge pressure of resources, ecological environment and population. The rapid development of new energy has also provided a development opportunity for the intellectualization of low-voltage electrical appliances industry. Low voltage electrical appliances have expanded to photovoltaic power inverter, new energy control and protection system, distributed energy, energy storage equipment, DC switchgear and other fields. And it can provide an overall solution,

fault arc circuit breaker, (3) it has the function of timely driving the device that disconnects the current to avoid electrical fire; (4) It has many functions such as detecting leakage, overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, etc; (5) It has fault memory function, which is convenient for fault inquiry and analysis. (11) It has rust proof, moisture resistance, and powerful functions! AFDD (arc fault detection device) can be installed in the distribution box of the transmission system, and can also be installed in homes, offices, various large supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, textile mills, warehouses, oil depots, refineries, oil transportation pipeline quota control points and other occasions. This device can be installed and used wherever there is electricity, and is widely used in electrical fire prevention. Well, aren't you ready to use this circuit breaker? Next time I have a purchase plan, I must choose this kind of fault arc circuit breaker. Low voltage apparatus is an element or device that can manually or automatically connect and disconnect circuits according to external signals and requirements, so as to realize the switching, control, protection, detection, transformation and adjustment of circuits or non electrical objects. Shanghai Jiyi Electric Co., Ltd. hqphxup, 494656gtho9zmdfgqo

fault arc circuit breaker to avoid electrical fire. Afci/afdd includes general structures such as operating mechanism, contact system, tripping mechanism, test button, wiring terminal, shell frame, etc. its characteristic structure also includes arc detection circuit and arc fault electronic identification circuit (including microprocessor). Its extrusion processing of materials such as glass fiber reinforcement, magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics and so on is based on PCB hardware and preset protection algorithm to realize intelligent arc detection and fault arc identification. The intelligent fire protection system allows managers to detect and collect equipment data through sensors and other components, and monitor multiple parameters such as current, voltage, arc, liquid level, hydraulic pressure, temperature, etc. in real time. The electrical fire monitoring system is convenient for making corresponding adjustments for fire protection work. The intelligent fire protection system realizes lightweight and mobile lean management. The electric fire monitoring system company, focusing on the management of fire protection work process and the price of electric fire monitoring system, takes special projects and task nodes as the main line to realize the functions of mobile office, project progress control, safety production, labor monitoring, task reminder, reward and punishment processing of enterprises and projects

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