Manufacturing method of the hottest color crystal

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Production method of color crystal glass

I. environment and equipment:

the production of color crystal glass must be carried out in a clean room, with a minimum area of ten square meters, whichever is larger. It is required that the indoor light is good, dust-free, well ventilated, and one or two ventilators should be installed. Air conditioners can be installed if conditions permit, and the room temperature should be controlled above 20c

one or more self-made operation tables, each with a height of mm, and the table area is generally 1500*1000 mm. One self purchased balance is used for weighing, several plastic measuring cups are used for color matching, one color matching table of 500*1000 mm, and one glass drying rack

II. Vertical glass and coloring:

float transparent glass, sandblasted glass and embossed glass can be used, with different effects

the vertical line material is divided into two components: A and B. when using, take an appropriate amount of the material first, add medical talc powder and drop a few drops of pigment (add the corresponding pigment to the color of the line) to mix it for standby. Then use special tools to set up the line according to the drawing. The color of the line material is different, and the effect is also different

fill the line with pigment after drying. The filling material is colorless transparent body. After diluting, put it in a plastic measuring cup. The amount depends on the size of the glass area. Adjust it enough at one time for standby. When filling, we should follow the sequence of "light first, thick first, DuPont Hongji has 6 internationally advanced production lines in Foshan, warm then cold", so as not to waste filler

III. process flow:

1. Draft (line drawing), the size of which should be as large as the glass to be made. The draft is laid on the console (the table top should be horizontal) and the glass is placed on the draft

2. Align the following draft with the adjusted thread material. Pay special attention to practicing straight lines, circles, and joints. After the line is dry, lay white paper under it and fill the color according to the drawing on the platform. In summer, the temperature is high, and the air is dry except for low speed. When filling a large area, the speed should be fast, otherwise there will be contact marks

3. Repair: if the line is not too straight or needs to be repaired, it can be repaired with a single-sided security razor blade. If the color is filled incorrectly, it can be scraped off and refilled with a blade before it is dry

4. Transition color: when more than two kinds of pigments are needed for transition, fillers with the same concentration and different colors can be prepared, and then mixed and filled in turn, which can slowly and naturally infiltrate, and the transition is also more natural

5. Phantom glass: that is, evenly sprinkle glitter powder on the colored glass while the pigment is not dry, which will get a brilliant effect

6. Double sided and two-color: if decorative glass needs two-sided and two-color, rainbow powder and pigment can be added, evenly coated, and then dry

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