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Manufacturing and heat treatment of deep drawing dies how many 10 processes are there in the large plastic market

friendly answer from mechanical experts:

deep drawing die, Cr12MoV can be selected, Quench to "HRC, and then nitriding treatment, but the nitriding process of the mold

is relatively complex, and the general factory can't do it well, so it has no effect, and it can't even be used. The nitriding place

is well managed, but for those with large sample volume and large tensile force, kJ ⑴ 066 universal tensile testing machine should be selected to make the hardness of the surface reach HV before using the impact testing machine to manipulate the data, which is equivalent to HRC, and the service life can be

improved many times, but Chongqing Dingxing nitriding surface treatment Co., Ltd. is the best tool for mold nitriding. Also

hot work die steel H13 can be quenched to HRC and then nitrided, and the effect is better than Cr12MoV

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