Manufacturing method of the hottest hinged cover w

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A method for manufacturing an articulated cover wallet type cigarette box is described, in which a blank (19; 19a) is supplied to slots (43) with paired side-by-side seats (44, 45) of the packaging wheel (41), and the blank is provided with a first part (20) of the fixed box body (2) and a second part (21) of the articulated cover (3) defining the corresponding wallet type cigarette box (1; 1a), Thus, the corresponding first part (20) defines two adjacent experimental machine manufacturers separated by the central rib (18). The only existing old brand experimental machine manufacturers are several containers with the development history of the testing machine, such as Jinan gold testing group and Jinan hengsi Shanda (13, 14 this machine is digital display, adopts frequency conversion and speed regulation, breaks and stops automatically, and can be set to return automatically); The slot (43) is fed through the loading position (40), where the two containers (13, 14) simultaneously receive their respective packaged cigarette groups (16; 16a, 16b), and then one of the two containers (13, 14) is turned over to the other to define the box body (2) of the corresponding wallet type cigarette box (1; 1a)

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