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OLED lighting welcomes new opportunities for promotion

whenever OLED lighting is mentioned, it will always give people a kind of inexplicable "special honor" such as "high technology", "special mystery" and "high price". Especially in the past two years, OLED lighting has appeared brightly at large-scale lamp exhibitions at home and abroad. It is favored by industry experts and investors with its characteristics of light weight, no glare, high visibility and new style, but the result is a situation of many onlookers and few followers

speaking of OLED lighting, she does have a completely different structure and manufacturing process from LED. There is little relationship between the two in structure, manufacturing and even application methods. It is not too much to say that they have no relationship except for the same lighting function

the emergence of OLED lighting, in addition to the prejudice against its high price, some experts also have different opinions on its advantages such as light color, finger display, red display, and no blue damage. These are nothing. It shows that OLED market promotion is not deep enough, and it shows that he is very concerned that OLED lighting aircraft interior is usually used for debugging and inspection, which will be bound by very complex manufacturing supervision regulations. However, one thing that needs to be confirmed is, The traditional lighting industry is paying more and more attention to OLED lighting, especially the current LED lighting market, which makes many small and medium-sized enterprises want to cry without tears. The arrival of OLED lighting injects them a new opportunity

healthy lighting is constantly innovating in the lighting circle, which shows that such a gimmick can make consumers pay for it, and it also proves that consumers are willing to pay for healthy lighting. However, there are few lighting manufacturers that can really achieve health and eye protection, and most of them are purely for commercial speculation. The popularity of real OLED health lighting is too little. Many lighting products do harm to the eyes, and consumers are even more confused

from the international giant LG to the domestic big brands Nanjing Ningyi, Zhejiang Yuzhong Gaohong, Hebei Yiguang and other lighting products have been launched continuously, and new and special high-end products such as Guangdong research and manufacturing, Taiwan Lizhi have been listed. The whole OLED lighting field is heating up, and more eager manufacturers are constantly participating. As a domestic OLED device supplier, Nanjing Yiguang is really overwhelmed. Attention does not mean that the brand value is improved, that the products are easy to sell, or that there are objective benefits. Focus and focus again, high cost and high price are still strong and difficult to break

ventilation facilities and fire-fighting equipment are configured in the room

fortunately, the application of OLED lighting has just begun. With the improvement of OLED lighting efficiency, the increase of specifications and the expansion of application scope, OLED health lighting is bound to become a complementary partner of mainstream LED lighting in the near future

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