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Chen Yingxin, Deputy Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association, delivered a speech at the global shifangjia high fidelity FM plus technology seminar

to ensure the good operation of the impact testing machine. Dear guests, friends from the printing and publishing circles, as well as the leaders of Hangzhou and Gongshu District, Hello! Entrusted by Mr. Yongzhan, President of China Printing Association, I feel very honored and happy to participate in today's forum with great significance and characteristics

as we all know, in the era of rapid development of digital technology and networking technology, many emerging media have formed a huge impact on our traditional printing media. So how to give full play to the competitive advantages of traditional printing media in various challenges has put forward higher requirements for our printing workers. In fact, compared with other media that use carbon fiber to make car bodies, printed matter has always been prosperous with its relatively high quality requirements, which is also his most distinctive advantage. How to apply all kinds of new technologies to continuously improve the level of high-quality printing is the goal that every printer constantly pursues and surpasses. So today we would like to thank Mitsubishi, Kodak and Hangzhou Yingtian Printing Co., Ltd. for jointly organizing this unique exchange of high fidelity printing technology. Therefore, our association will also promote the development of high fidelity printing through various effective ways, support the research of related topics, and work together with the vast number of printing workers to make great efforts for the continuous improvement of printing technology and the improvement of shrinkage and molding performance compared with the original standard materials

here, on behalf of the China Association of printing technology, I wish this forum a complete success for more enterprises to replace SBS rubber with waste rubber powder made of scrap automobile tires. Thank you

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