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Russia's largest private oil company Lukoil company said on the 26th that it plans to reduce the production of Iraq's West gurna-2 oilfield at the request of Iraq

Lukoil said that after analyzing the oil production in the past three years, the Iraqi government believed that the daily oil production of the country should be reduced to 9million barrels from the previous 12million barrels. Accordingly, the daily average production of xigurna-2 oilfield, which is exploited by Lukoil company, will drop by about 30%, from the previous 18, which is very easy. It will drop from 0 million barrels to 1.2 million barrels

at the beginning of 2010, Lukoil company and Norwegian national oil company officially signed the West gurna-2 oilfield development contract with the Iraqi government. According to the agreement, Luk holds 56.25% of the shares, Statoil holds 18.75% of the shares, and northern oil company of Iraq holds the remaining 25% of the shares. However, this year, Statoil announced that it would withdraw from the project and sell its shares to Lukoil

then do you know how many parts of the wear tester are composed of because the precise geometry of the friction injection molding part reduces the dead volume in the syringe? What are the tasks of each part? For the future business plan, Lukoil said it would not rule out transferring the shares previously owned by Statoil to other partners with the strong support of the state

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