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OLED opens a new generation of healthy lighting lifestyle

light is an important condition for biological survival and development, and it is also the most important way for people to observe and understand the world. In the process of the development of human civilization, every technological innovation of light sources will be accompanied by great changes in the way of human life. From light bulbs, fluorescent lamps to LED, it has been verified that the emergence of new light sources has brought earth shaking changes to human life

in recent years, with the progress of the times, people's pursuit of quality of life, the most cost-effective places will have the opportunity to get cheaper and higher. The traditional LED light source can't meet people's demand for quality because of its high glare, high blue light and poor heat dissipation. After more than 20 years of experiments and research, the new light source OLED has been highly expected and praised, opening a new generation of healthy lighting lifestyle

are you ready for the era of healthy light sources

oled light source technology is the most ideal lighting technology

the perception of light by human eyes is not only the brightness of light, but also the color and saturation. In professional fields, color coordinates, color rendering index and color temperature are often used to judge the light quality of light sources

color coordinate diagram

color coordinates are three-dimensional dimensions, in which the X axis represents the intensity of red light, the Y axis represents the intensity of green light, and the Z axis represents the intensity of blue light. The larger the value, the stronger the light intensity. Generally, it is defined as pure white light (x0.33, y = 0.33). The values of x-axis and Y-axis of the light source color coordinates suitable for people's lighting are between 04 and 0.6, and the range of OLED light source color coordinates is roughly after 0.4

there are two situations: powdery and granular. The color rendering index is to judge the difference between the light source and sunlight. The closer its value is to 100, the more consistent it is with sunlight, indicating the better color rendering; The color rendering index of graphene conductive paste for water-based lithium battery, which can improve the energy density of the battery, is lower than 80, so it is generally not suitable to be used as an illumination light source, because it will cause the distortion of the color of the illuminated object. The color rendering index of OLED light sources (> 95) is currently the closest to sunlight compared with other artificial light sources

for color temperature, it is related to light color. In visible light, the higher the color temperature, the more blue light it contains. Blue light is the most powerful part of visible light. If the more blue light it contains in the light source, the higher the color temperature of the device will be; The high-energy blue light is most likely to penetrate the human visual membrane, causing macular disease and even permanent damage

led light source spectrum

white LED is obtained by using high-energy blue light to excite yellow phosphor. Due to the rich blue light components in LED and the high brightness of exposed LED light source, LED lamps may have potential risks of blue light hazards. For this reason, the state has to issue the compulsory detection document gb7000.1 lamps Part 1: General requirements and tests on blue light hazards again, "Since January 1st, 2017, Andre Heim, one of the discoverers of graphene and the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics, described this:" graphene is like Alice in Wonderland to many people. From now on, lamps with integral LED or LED module should be evaluated for blue light hazard according to IEC/tr62778 "

oled light source spectrum

and OLED light source is made of organic materials that can emit light of different colors. OLED color temperature is low, and the proportion of each color can be adjusted arbitrarily, so it is more friendly to human eyes

The characteristics of OLED lighting overturn people's understanding of light

OLED lighting has been vigorously promoted by governments at home and abroad and actively invested by major manufacturers, not only because the light source technology meets people's requirements for light quality, but also overturns people's understanding of light and opens up new application fields. In terms of other important characteristics of OLED lighting, it is mainly reflected as follows:

OLED light source is the closest to natural light, not dazzling, and is very beneficial to human health. It can be installed within the range of direct vision of human eyes, and does not need a soft light plate or light guide plate to reduce glare stimulation. For example, OLED lighting panels can be directly embedded on the wall, which looks pleasing like works of art

designed by Schmitz leuchten

snowflake designed by David marin

oled has a color rendering index of more than 95 (near natural light), and the light quality is very good. On the one hand, it can more truly present the color of the illuminated objects, on the other hand, it is conducive to alleviating visual fatigue and protecting vision. For example, the colorful paintings and exhibits in the museum will be more vivid and unique under the illumination of OLED

oled is a light and thin plane light source (thickness < 1mm), which can realize geometric and patterned modeling. The effect is between the display and lighting. It can also be customized, which is helpful to develop innovative market applications

football OLED designed by Simon enever

designed by luminaire

designed by Antonio kuellmer

oled does not heat when it shines. Cool to touch, it can be combined with a variety of materials (paper, wood, etc.) and products (furniture, household appliances, etc.), with simple structure, and can realize folding and bending modeling

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