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Chenxiaolong of electromechanical home: create a shortcut for information docking between enterprises and demanders

a laptop computer, a pile of documents, a kettle, a can of Longjing tea, and a lvluo decoration. These are all the items on chenxiaolong's desk, the founder of electromechanical home. Corresponding to it is a row of bookcases behind the office chairs, which are neatly placed with industry books, reference books and flyers of the latest platform of the enterprise

optimistic, down-to-earth and sincere... These are the comments of people around him on Chen Xiaolong. In the morning, he talked with customers until 1 p.m. before lunch, he introduced the latest innovative achievements of the company excitedly: "we need to create a new recruitment model, find standardized operation methods, and truly save the cost of employment and solve the employment needs of enterprises." As he spoke, he laughed heartily

with the rapid development of Internet technology, information has entered a big explosion era. How to correctly guide users, how to deeply understand user needs and serve users are the problems that electromechanical home has been exploring. "We will continue to optimize and improve around the needs of users, create a healthier Internet platform for electromechanical users, and create a shortcut for enterprises to connect information with demanders." Chen Xiaolong said

dare to be the first to create an industry development miracle

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is known as the "capital of e-commerce". Jack Ma, the godfather of China Internet, founded Alibaba group, the earliest e-commerce platform in China. Huang Zheng, the youngest e-commerce giant in China, from Hangzhou, created a "miracle of pinduoduo" that has been listed for three years. Chen Xiaolong and his team also built a leading e-commerce portal in the domestic Electromechanical industry - Electromechanical home on this entrepreneurial hot land

Chen Xiaolong, who began to set foot in the electromechanical industry in 1999, founded several regional stations in the electromechanical industry. In 2004, it began to integrate several platforms and officially changed its name to mechanical and electrical home. Based on the vertical industrial chain of mechanical and electronic industry, it is committed to providing full-service e-commerce services for buyers, suppliers, traders and manufacturers of mechanical and electronic equipment across the country. Promote the development of electromechanical enterprises and Internet brand promotion by providing services such as domain name, station construction, electromechanical industry data, etc

after years of development, electromechanical home has become China's top 100 e-commerce trade 5 When the piercing hammer is in direct contact with the head mold, because there is a circuit closed loop device, it will make a sound. It is one of the easy platforms, and it is a leading e-commerce station in the electromechanical industry. On November 11, 2016, it was officially listed on the new third board. "It is hoped that the listing of the new third board will enhance the awareness of interconnection development of domestic electromechanical enterprises, accelerate the 'interconnection +' integration and innovation of the electromechanical industry, and enhance the overall attention of the society to the electromechanical industry." Chen Xiaolong said

nowadays, as the first B2B portal in the electromechanical industry, the online registered users of electromechanical home have 2million manufacturers, 1million comprehensive service providers, 10million dealers, 1million installation and operation and maintenance companies, 300000 logistics companies, and 100000 certification and testing enterprises. The types of users cover the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the electromechanical industry. At the same time, mechanical and electrical home took the lead in establishing Zhejiang mechanical and electrical industry association and successfully held 2017 China mechanical and Electrical Trade Expo

laugh at difficulties and set an example for industry development

real winners are indifferent to achievements and calm in the face of difficulties

on December 6, 2018, Chen Xiaolong found that electromechanical home suddenly couldn't be searched on. At first, I thought it was a network or background data problem. Two days later, I found that it was still the same. Station search is blocked, which is not a trivial matter for an industry station with more than 10 million registered users

in case of problems, first find the reason from yourself. The technical team of electromechanical home started the relevant solution at the first time: self check the overall information of the station. After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the electromechanical industry, the station has retained more than 100 million pieces of relevant enterprise data information, which has brought great inconvenience to the self-examination work

after several inspections, no problems were found, and electromechanical home actively coordinated and communicated with the official channels of search engines. During this period, the negative manuscripts of some articles similar to "the boss of the electromechanical industry - Electromechanical home no longer exists" were widely spread. However, Chen Xiaolong did not panic. He optimized the relevant vulnerabilities at the first time and actively exchanged views with search engines, hoping to minimize the losses of users, search and electromechanical home. Finally, the search of electromechanical home on major search engines returned to normal

"with the gradual diffusion of Internet innovative technologies represented by big data and cloud computing to all links of service and production, higher requirements are put forward for the development of B2B e-commerce." Chen Xiaolong smiled and said, "we should do a good job. No matter what problems we encounter, we should actively face them and then solve them."

Chen Xiaolong said that similar problems encountered in the operation of the station are not an example, and other peers have asked electromechanical home for advice on how to deal with them. He called on B2B industry practitioners to abide by the industry's ultra displacement protection norms, maintain a good competitive relationship, benefit the majority of enterprise users, and build a harmonious and healthy Internet platform

dare to innovate and explore the development path of the industry

the word ease does not belong to entrepreneurs, nor does it belong to Chen Xiaolong

rooted in the headquarters in Hangzhou, the business layout is nationwide, the B2B trading mode is explored together with Ping An Bank, and the new third board is listed, becoming the first share of China's B2B electromechanical portal, and taking the lead in launching the "Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association"... Along the way, Chen Xiaolong summed up his 20-year innovation and development path with "blind tossing"

as the pillar industry of China's national economy, the electromechanical industry has driven the rapid growth of China's economy in the past 30 years. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of the total number of manufacturing enterprises in China. As the core part of the industrial system, the electromechanical industry has always been the "big household" of small and medium-sized enterprises. How to effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises grow and improve their competitiveness, electromechanical home has set an example in enterprise docking, information matching and talent recruitment

in recent years, mechatronics home has been committed to creating a model of combining Internet resources with real industries, and promoting the online + offline integration of the Mechatronics Industry. With the help of some offline exhibitions, through strong interconnection, you can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time. The service advantage of the production platform brings the "interconnection +" seamless connection into the exhibition. At the same time, with its rich upstream and downstream enterprise membership resources, exhibitors are allocated through "big data" to make the structure of exhibitors more reasonable and form a complementary and mutually beneficial industrial chain

Chen Xiaolong said that in the next step, electromechanical home will go deeper into the electromechanical industry chain, integrate online and offline resources on the basis of the original business model, create online e-commerce platforms and industry information platforms, go deep into the industry chain, tap industry innovation, integrate resources, promote industry transactions, and stimulate industry innovation

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