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Chinese panel enterprises in the OLED high-end TV market want to catch up with and surpass Korean enterprises. 4. The open-loop control and closed-loop control industry faces many challenges.

China's OLED TV industry wants to surpass the panel capacity of Korea is the key. 2017 is a very successful year for OLED TV, especially in the Chinese market. OLED TV sales have doubled 100%, which also gives great confidence to market channels, It is also because Chinese consumers accept new technologies very quickly, and the Chinese middle class is also growing rapidly. It is expected that China will become the world's leading large OLED TV market in the next 2 to 3 years

ihs released data that in 2017, OLED TV accounted for 51.3% of the global high-end TV market with more than $2500, which is the first time that OLED TV has surpassed LCD TV to become the global mainstream. In order to solve this contradiction, facing this rapidly growing market, OLED panel capacity is becoming the bottleneck of OLED TV

currently, there are two major OLED panel suppliers in the world, namely Samsung and LGD. Samsung mainly produces small and medium-sized OLED panels for digital products, while LGD mainly produces large-size OLED panels for TVs. In the global market, TV sales are stagnating, while the Chinese market is declining, which forces TV companies to develop large-size and high-definition TVs, hoping to achieve sales growth by promoting high-end TVs

BOE, the largest panel manufacturer in China, only put into production small and medium-sized OLED panels last year. At present, it is trying to cope with the competition of Korean panel enterprises by pushing 8klcd TVs. However, at present, Chinese panel manufacturers in the high-end TV market still face considerable challenges if they want to surpass Korean enterprises

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