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Good products are the hard truth. The best interpretation of the emerging mountain moving industry serving the country is good products. The best interpretation of the emerging mountain moving industry serving the country is China Construction Machinery Information [editor's note] recently, the 15th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, construction machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES 2019) was held in Beijing. As a senior brand bulldozer manufacturer deeply engaged in the industry for more than 60 years, Xinxing Yishan not only launched three high-quality bulldozers ty220h, tsc180h and ts160h, but also brought a perfect experience of all terrain emergency rescue vehicles to 150000 professional visitors, which attracted extensive attention from the industry and the media. China Construction machinery information, a big influencer of the industry media platform, made a special trip to interview Mr. xieguanfu, general manager of Xinxing Yishan

Xinxing Yishan (Tianjin) heavy industry Co., Ltd. (i.e. Tianjin Construction Machinery Factory) was founded in 1953. Since the development of crawler bulldozers in 1958, it has a history of more than 60 years of professional manufacturing of crawler bulldozers. In the view of Mr. xieguanfu, the general manager, Xinxing mountain relocation can not achieve rapid development without its strong core cohesion. With its own strong R & D capability, Xinxing Yishan has gradually formed an industrial pattern of "one body and two wings" with bulldozers as the main body and "one body and two wings" extending to "breaking obstacles, breaking down and breaking down" so as to ensure that the problem will not become more and more fragmented "intelligent manufacturing and" special equipment "

in line with the principle that every product launched must be a high-quality product, after years of innovation, precipitation and ingenuity, Xinxing Yishan strongly launched three series of high-quality products in this BICES exhibition, including the pilot operated crawler bulldozer, all terrain emergency rescue vehicle and aerial work platform, which became the focus of the industry. Mr. Xie frankly said that Xinxing Yishan was developed in the "entrepreneurial period" (19 years but how to use the metallographic polishing machine) of the entire Chinese construction machinery industry. Influenced by the national policies, it only produced some simple construction machinery products at the beginning, and today it has become a leader in the industry. Then Yishan can make progress through the development of the industry, relying on the technology that keeps pace with the times and excellent product quality. In the interview, President Xie proudly introduced the participating products:

"the bulldozer that can walk in the swamp was manufactured earlier in China"

Yishan -tsc180h crawler type ultra wetland bulldozer is a special model developed and put into use for the blank models in the market, which is produced in strict accordance with the concept of high standards and high requirements, combining the advantages of 160 HP and 220 HP models of the factory and drawing on the essence. As a crawler bulldozer that can walk in marshes earlier in China, tsc180h adopts the technology of half axle lengthening to increase its grounding area, so it has the ability to work in marshes. In addition, equipped with the leading technology of lubricating track pilot control, tsc180h bulldozer attracted the attention of many dealers at the exhibition site

"gtjz12 electric self-propelled scissor type aerial work platform"

the product can be widely used in office buildings, stations, wharves, airports, hotels, plastic with light proportion, simple processing technology, widely used posts and telecommunications, municipal gardens, grain depots, cleaning companies, public building facade decoration, decoration, or installation and maintenance of power system, etc. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, self-propelled, electric starting, simple operation, large working surface, etc

"all terrain amphibious emergency rescue vehicle"

talking about this important equipment for carrying out rescue work in emergencies such as accidents and natural disasters, President Xie was even more proud. The all terrain emergency rescue vehicle launched by Yishan has a speed of 45 degrees for climbing, 65 kilometers for land and 5 kilometers for water. It can adapt to a variety of complex terrain such as water, swamp, mountain, snow, desert and so on. At the same time, the rescue vehicle is equipped with five categories of search and rescue and detection equipment, hydraulic rescue equipment, pneumatic rescue equipment, large-scale hydraulic workstation, auxiliary rescue tools, and more than 50 different types of individual rescue equipment. It can quickly carry out search and rescue work at the scene of the disaster area, and timely rescue people trapped in collapsed buildings and structures due to the disaster. At present, the emergency rescue vehicle has played an important role in the rescue of natural disasters such as barrier lakes, debris flows, earthquakes, landslides, typhoons, mountain forest fires, etc. Suzimeng, Secretary General of the Construction Machinery Association, and gaoqiuzheng, Secretary General of the shoveling Association, also spoke highly of the product when they visited the Xinxing mountain shifting booth. It is worth mentioning that at present, Xinxing Yishan (Tianjin) heavy industry Co., Ltd. is the Tianjin emergency rescue equipment manufacturing and R & D base, contributing to the national emergency rescue industry

talking about the market changes in China's construction machinery industry, President Xie gave the Countermeasures for the emerging mountain relocation: the refinement of traditional products and the differentiation of new products. Xinxing Yishan started as a bulldozer manufacturer. Therefore, in the field of main fist products, Xinxing Yishan actively embraced intellectualization. In 2015, the emerging intelligent tool robot for moving mountains won the "China original technology award" of the 15th China Economic Forum hosted by the people's press. According to Mr. Xie, at present, the reduction of the inertia of Xinxing mountain moving is the square of the deceleration ratio, and a variety of remote-control bulldozers have been developed, which can realize an intelligent operation automation within a certain range of operating conditions. In view of the differentiation of new products, President Xie once again cited the research and development of emergency rescue vehicles. Emergency rescue concerns the national economy and the people's livelihood, but the traditional construction machinery is difficult to meet the special operation requirements of rescue. In the face of the blue ocean of the market, Xinxing moved mountains earlier to carry out the research and development of emergency rescue equipment, and its emergency rescue engineering machinery series has well solved the problems of "rapid arrival" and "multi-function"

at the end of the interview, Mr. Xie said: "the theme of Xinxing Yishan's exhibition is' never forget the original intention of entrepreneurship, and create the glory of moving mountains'. The original intention of entrepreneurship is to use innovative technology, elaborate design and manufacturing, and make good use of the hard truth of products. The company's new positioning is to become an intelligent manufacturing engineering machinery manufacturer and a leader in the field of engineering rescue equipment. The people who move mountains have the heart of serving the country with industry, and will make unremitting efforts towards this goal!"

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