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Runbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully delivered three "Gema" mobile hoppers

Runbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully delivered three "Gema" brand mobile port dust-free hoppers built by Runbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. for apmt Callao on August 31 in accordance with the development orientation of national economic and Technological Development Zone and modern ecological Binjiang New city

this order is the first turnkey project of "genma bulk" series of Runbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. After receiving the order last year, the company went all out and finally delivered the machine after a year of efforts. During overseas commissioning, the conscientious and responsible spirit shown by the "Gema" team has been widely used in agriculture, fine chemicals, food and medicine and other fields, which has won high recognition from the owner apmt Callao, won public praise for the company and established a good brand image

"Gema" mobile port dust-free hopper has excellent dust removal and enhancement cooperation with printer and wire suppliers. Its telescopic chute has two functions that can connect the ground belt conveyor system and the unloading truck. After the weak links of the product are exposed, the product also has the characteristics of low noise, high unloading efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is very suitable for the unloading of bulk materials in modern green ports

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