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Landa received a US $300million capital injection

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core tip: according to German print media on July 4, skin and ALTANA investment company continue to invest in Landa nanotechnology. Invest 300million US dollars for Landa digital printing: as announced by the Israeli printing press manufacturer, how long will it take to impact the experimental performance equivalent to 257million euros with the participation of ski investment company, whose leading interface is direct atomic bonding guide and ALTANA Chemical Pharmaceutical Group? The new round of financing has been completed

[China Packaging News] according to German printing media on July 4, skin and ALTANA investment company continue to invest in Landa nanotechnology. Invest US $300million in Landa digital printing: as announced by the Israeli printer manufacturer, a new round of financing equivalent to € 257million has been completed under the leadership of skin investment company and the participation of ALTANA Chemical Pharmaceutical Group. The resulting new financing funds are especially used to expand productivity, further develop nano printing technology and enter the market for the current Landa printing press. Skin and ALTANA all belong to Suzanne, a German billionaire Owned by Susanne Klatten

the current investment complements the existing financial commitments of bannilanda and ALTANA in the Landa digital printing project. According to the statements of both parties, the amount of such commitments has exceeded 400million US dollars (equivalent to 343million euros)

the major shareholder is still Banda

according to ALTANA, after the new round of financing, Banda is still the major shareholder of Banda digital printing project with 54% shares. Skin and ALTANA now jointly hold 46% of the shares of Landa printing press manufacturer, of which ALTANA's shares remain unchanged at 33.3%

at present, two Landa S10 nano printing machines are in operation β Test: one of them is at graphica belazel company in Israel; The other was installed in Edelmann packaging and surface finishing factory in Germany in the first quarter of 2018

altana's commitment to Landa technology

altana invested in Landa digital printing for the first time in 2014. At that time, the total investment reached 100million US dollars. In addition, at the beginning of the installation of special ring stiffness point contact deformation measurement in 2017, ALTANA Chemical Pharmaceutical Group purchased metal printing technology from Landa digital printing parent group. This printing method introduced at the 2016 drupa exhibition can realize the metal effect of printed products in the process of narrow format printing. At that time, Landa gradually transferred the necessary development and design of metal printing technology to ALTANA's actega coating and sealing business unit

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