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Real time oscillograph challenges the ultimate in high precision. Tektronix's 33ghz new products want to catch up

in order to greatly surpass the industry's previous 32ghz (2-channel) leading competition scheme, Tektronix has launched a new high-precision oscillograph dpo/dsa70000d series, which can provide up to 33ghz bandwidth on all four channels, And announced the acquisition of optametra company with complementary technology (a pioneer and leader in the field of coherent light standard testing), in order to stage a big play for the latecomers

of course, surpassing competitors is not the ultimate goal, because meeting market demand is the king of success. Research and development projects such as high-speed optical fiber, radio frequency (RF) and serial data measurement with a data rate of more than 20gb/s require oscilloscopes with high bandwidth, high precision and low noise. Such cutting-edge research and development projects have also been carried out in China, and even represent the world's most advanced level in some fields. Tian Zheng, a senior application engineer of Tektronix, said that the launch of Tektronix 33ghz high-precision oscilloscope series is at the right time, and breaks through the limitations of such high-performance platforms in the past, which is very suitable for the forward-looking research and development and testing needs of the Chinese and global markets

Figure 1: dpo/dsa70000d series oscilloscope is based on the leading multi chip package ASIC sampling front-end and noise reduction technology. It is the oscilloscope with the highest accuracy in the industry

based on the high-performance preamplifier and sample/hold multichip package ASIC customized and developed by our own chip design team, as well as the industry-leading real-time sampling technology, the tightly integrated front end of Tektronix 33ghz high-precision real-time oscilloscope has extremely low loss and noise. It can achieve 100gs/s sampling rate on two channels and 50gs/s sampling rate on four channels. Among them, dpo/dsa73304d model has become the fastest Oscilloscope with the highest accuracy. These new products provide stronger debugging ability than sampling oscilloscopes, but the accuracy is even better. They provide the clearest visualization system for design and verification engineers engaged in high-performance systems and chip industry, so that they can carry out debugging and application verification

Tian Zheng stressed that in addition to the highest real-time sampling rate in the industry, Tektronix 33ghz new products also have an equivalent sampling rate of 10 ts/s, 50 times that of the nearest competitor, with an input sensitivity of 6.25mv/div and a maximum waveform capture rate of more than 300000 WFMS/sec

optical modulation analysis that fully supports 100gb/s or even higher rates

whether it is the hot Internet of things, cloud computing, or the integration of three and four screens, the realization of these emerging applications and business models cannot be separated from the support of high-speed communication for massive data transmission, and the bandwidth demand is increasing exponentially. Facing the complex data transmission of high-speed communication and smaller redundancy, engineers need a new jitter separation method. With the current optical fiber speed reaching 100gb/s or even higher, the optical modulation design and analysis requires a bandwidth of 425g or higher, and puts forward high-precision time measurement ability, convergence and forward compatibility requirements for oscilloscopes. As an important testing and measuring instrument for forward-looking research and development projects, high-end oscillograph naturally continues the dispute over high-speed and high bandwidth of primary products that optical communication equipment can not be replaced by other materials for the time being

Tektronix's latest 33ghz oscilloscope dpo/dsa70000d series products provide four high-precision channels, which can help researchers accurately verify optical modulation technology. By cooperating with optametra's coherent optical wave signal analyzer, it can realize the visualization and measurement of optical fiber pm-qpsk, qam16 and other complex modulation signals. After the acquisition of optametra, Tektronix can provide a one-stop complete test and measurement platform for optical fiber networks, semiconductor components and equipment developers, and provide first-class analysis and high-performance solution support for the new coherent optical standard test. Tian Zheng pointed out

for complex optical modulation analysis, tech's new high-end oscilloscope can accurately support the performance of up to 32g baud rate:

providing 100gs/s 33ghz on two channels is actually promoting the utilization of time bandwidth of polyurethane insulation materials

provide 50gs/s 22+ghz real-time bandwidth on four channels

provide low noise support for high OSNR capable of 16-QAM analysis

Figure 2: dpo/dsa70000d series products provide four high-precision channels, which can help researchers accurately and quickly analyze 240gb/s signaling

the datastore common structure provided by dpo/dsa70000d series can help accelerate QPSK analysis results and provide 10 times faster test data flow channels for third-party programs such as MATLAB and LabVIEW. In the past, users had to export data for analysis by themselves. Now the oscilloscope has opened the datastore interface by using MATLAB or Microsoft Net language and other third-party tools, users can directly insert the processing algorithm of waveform data into the oscilloscope display system and application software

the only one click high-precision test platform in time domain, frequency domain and modulation domain

for broadband RF technology research projects, today's forward-looking development trends include but are not limited to: 1 Short distance broadband communication; 2. The communication link uses microwave frequency and higher frequency band; 3. Use broadband linear frequency modulation technology in advanced radar to obtain higher resolution, etc. These broadband RF/microwave verification requires instruments with higher bandwidth and higher resolution, miniaturized signal analysis software, analog, digital and RF/spectrum combination, and direct RF analysis

to meet these requirements, dpo/dsa70000d series can directly digitize the RF carrier to 33ghz (Ka band), thus eliminating the challenge of calibration and phase/frequency distortion caused by external down conversion; It can also directly analyze broadband and multi band coherent signals, eliminating the difficulty of coherent measurement for advanced multi carrier communication systems and multi band radar verification

Figure 3: Broadband RF 3 The high bandwidth and high resolution of dpo/dsa70000d are required for the contact/microwave verification between the toothed bar tablet and the toothed bar

greatly accelerates the debugging of high-speed serial data

as we all know, the system interface has been converted from a low-speed complex parallel bus to a simple high-speed serial bus with a speed of up to several gigabytes, and will be further upgraded in the bandwidth in the future. The rapid diffusion of standards means increased complexity (faster edges, conversion rates affect EDA modeling, packaging, PCB design, testing and measurement tools). Therefore, the industry not only needs the oscilloscope to become a test solution platform with higher bandwidth, higher efficiency and integration of embedded technology and design for testability (DFT), but also hopes to obtain a high-speed serial consistency test suite for how the spring fatigue tester can detect the spring fatigue life. These are the innovations of dpo/dsa70000d

Figure 4: from discovery, capture to search and analysis, dpo/dsa70000d series 33ghz oscilloscopes include many industry firsts and key innovations

rise time/slope is particularly critical for the third generation of serial data, which requires the instrument to provide low noise, oversampling and fast rise time characteristics. Tektronix's new 33ghz oscilloscope series can provide 9ps (20/80) rise time, and the signal that can be accurately verified can reach 20ps. This product series has 10ts/s equivalent sampling rate in four channel et mode, which can provide accurate time resolution for G SerDes measurement

unlike the visual triggers that competitors can only provide in rectangular shapes, Tektronix's 33ghz new product provides up to 8 customizable shapes (such as trapezoid, hexagon, etc.) on the oscilloscope display for capturing real signal behavior, which facilitates engineers to define trigger events that are difficult to define. These oscilloscopes also provide a new jitter separation method, which supports bounded uncorrelated jitter (buj) separation, is conducive to detecting new jitter sources, and can solve the problem of jitter caused by crosstalk usually found on 10GbE KR

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