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Logistics real-time tracking and control management system based on ZigBee technology

the logistics real-time tracking and control management system developed by Shanghai Aolin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a special case of the logistics system. It is a high-tech automation product developed by using RFID radio frequency technology, wireless positioning technology and computer technology

now is an era of full competition. The protection obligation of film filling tensile testing machine is mainly divided into three levels: ordinary protection, sum protection and two-level protection. Those who are at a disadvantage in the competition imitate the advantages. It is more serious to put their own products on other people's brands. Because the products are different, they are pasted with the same brand, and finally there are problems. The above situation is becoming more and more obvious in our country. As an advantaged person, he certainly doesn't want others to make money with his brand, and finally smashed the brand

in view of the above problems, our company has developed a "logistics real-time tracking control management system" solution based on ZigBee technology. This system is a highly automated product. It is an automated process from information entry, wireless positioning to the inspection of the quality inspection bureau

system composition

system composition and installation

electronic label: ID card

locator: it is the signal transceiver, which reads the identity. They put samples of two materials on a warm surface exposed to the skin, and send the information of the identification card to the central base station

central base station: read the data information of the locator, and send it to the expert expected management background system

working principle:

install the locator in the factory and warehouse, and load the identification card in the product packaging box. When the package containing the identification card enters the receiving range of the locator signal, the locator reads the information in the identification card and sends the information to the system center, which backs up the data. The backed up information: number, production date, shelf life and other data, and tracks and locates them. This process is completely automated, and there is no need to enter one by one. It has completely reached the process of intellectualization

after the products leave the factory, they are transported all over the world. In this process, the GPS chip of the ID card can send the location information to the system center in real time, so as to realize the tracking and positioning of the whole process of logistics and transportation, and ensure that product swap accidents occur in the transportation link. When there is a problem with the product, when the quality inspector or the company's personnel detect it, they only need to query everything that happens in the process of the product from delivery to sales through the system center, confirm whether the product is our company's product, and find out the problem support. If someone else pretends to be the brand of the company, the relevant data cannot be found from the data. This shows that our products have no problems and ultimately protect the interests of the company

system features

◎ high recognition reliability, 100% front-end recognition rate

◎ long recognition distance

◎ extremely high anti-collision (200 cards can be recognized at the same time)

◎ fast recognition speed (the fastest recognition speed can reach 200 km/h)

◎ high safety and stability

◎ intrinsically safe explosion-proof and waterproof performance

◎ high anti-interference, interference near the warehouse There are no special requirements for the surrounding environment and strong environmental adaptability

◎ the device failure rate is minimized, and the operation is reliable

◎ the active identification card is adopted, which is free of electromagnetic pollution, maintenance free, and safe to use

◎ the operation is simple and convenient

◎ the software has a full Chinese menu, with a good operation interface

◎ the wireless monitoring integrated structure is designed, and the installation is convenient and fast

◎ the active identification card has a built-in battery, ultra-low power consumption, and no external power supply is required, No charging

◎ rich query and report functions

◎ query and report output The printing function is simple and easy to operate

◎ you can query the information of various items

◎ you can track items

◎ you can output various information reports as required (such as: delivery time, validity period, etc.)

system technical indicators

system capacity

system inspection cycle ≤ 30s

data transmission mode RS485 bus master-slave mode, bidirectional Half duplex/inter interface/or jprs

transmission rate RS485 bus 2400bps

system function

Logistics real-time tracking control management system, which can locate the location of products, and has the functions of selective tracking, inquiry, etc.

tracking: track the products transported to other places according to the information of the identification card in the box

inquiry: query the items according to the ID number of the identification card, It can find out a series of indicators such as the delivery time and expiration date of the product (end). The temperature control accuracy is high

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