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Real time measurement of carbon dioxide quality

in order to ensure the quality of its recovered carbon dioxide, please see the reason why Suntory Beer Co., Ltd. chose Mettler Toledo

Suntory beer (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is one of the successful enterprises of Suntory Co., Ltd. in China. The company is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, with an annual output of 200000 tons of beer. The beer produced by the company is sold in the Northeast market of China and has become one of the leading brands in the region

reduce the use cost of carbon dioxide

carbon dioxide is a very important raw material in beer production. In the past, breweries had to spend a lot of money to buy high-purity carbon dioxide from external channels. However, a large amount of high-quality CO2 will be produced in the process of beer fermentation. By recycling this part of carbon dioxide, the production cost can be greatly reduced

in the past, the carbon dioxide recovery system of Suntory beer (Kunshan) Company measured the purity of carbon dioxide by manual sampling in the laboratory. This method has two problems: first, the manual measurement error is high; Secondly, because the determined measurement interval may not be able to detect the change of carbon dioxide purity in time, corresponding measures are often not taken in time to avoid the waste of carbon dioxide

in order to solve this problem, Suntory decided to install an oxygen measuring equipment to monitor the treatment efficiency of the carbon dioxide recovery system. In order to ensure the quality of its recovered carbon dioxide, Suntory chose Mettler Toledo's oxygen meter

this decision was made after comparing products of different brands. The brewery selected Mettler Toledo's oxygen measuring instrument, including INPRO 6950 gas phase oxygen sensor and M700 transmitter. Engineers can easily calculate the purity of recovered carbon dioxide by using the information obtained from the system


inpro 6950/m700 measuring point is installed in the carbon dioxide dryer. There is a huge space for future material research and development and product implementation, so as to monitor the oxygen content. When abnormal quality occurs, the system can automatically send an alarm, on the one hand, it is to prevent the carbon dioxide supply from reaching the standard. On the other hand, once the recovered carbon dioxide is found to be impure, the engineer can be reminded to take corresponding measures

at first, after the installation and operation of the instrument, people found that the data fluctuated, making the measurement results unstable. After tracking the fixed-point measurement data records and discussing with Mettler Toledo's engineers, we realized that when the amount of carbon dioxide recovery pressure changes in use, the pipeline pressure will also change, causing fluctuations in the measurement data

after discussion with the engineer, a flow regulation and pressure regulation device is installed at the sample exhaust port, and BASF ranked 75th among the world's top 500 in 2014. A pressure sensor is installed in the sample pool to realize pressure compensation. The improved measurement data has become significantly more stable. Now, when the pipeline pressure changes, there is no obvious deviation of the measured data

real time monitoring

compared with the previous offline method, the improved molten oxygen measurement system under pressure enables it to monitor the purity of carbon dioxide more accurately. Mettler Toledo system continuously measures oxygen in real time, eliminating the mistakes often occurred in the past manual measurement. When the purity of carbon dioxide is low, the device that sends plastic doors and windows to be used in residential houses will send an alarm, prompting operators to take countermeasures as soon as possible to ensure that the quality of carbon dioxide supplied always meets the standard and minimize the waste of carbon dioxide

"after installing the measuring equipment, the purity of CO2 and carbon dioxide waste can be monitored more quickly, so as to avoid errors caused by manual measurement. In addition, METTLER TOLEDO's analyzer is easy to use and maintain." Meng Fanwu, an equipment engineer at Suntory, said

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