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Pay real-time attention to the health of employees ZTE helps a national Ministry to combat the epidemic situation

the epidemic situation of covid-19/covid-19/covid-19/covid-19/covid-19 has entered a critical stage. In order to effectively prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, find abnormalities and report them in time, the epidemic reporting platform developed with the assistance of ZTE has been officially launched in a national Ministry, and pay real-time attention to the health of employees through information means

ZTE mobile office platform MOA has been running for three years in a national Ministry, mainly for internal daily work communication. Recently, affected by the epidemic, ZTE urgently set up a research and development team for MOA upgrading and transformation, adding functions such as daily epidemic reporting and central enterprise epidemic data on the original MOA workbench, so that employees can punch in their health cards. The managers of all units, however, can still resume production at any time. They can simply and quickly collect employees through the background. It takes some time for the team to be confident in this new process. It takes time to pay attention to the health of employees in real time and effectively identify abnormal data, which is convenient, timely and effective

at the same time, MOA, as a unified entrance, integrates the epidemic data of central enterprises, video conferences, work logs and other functions, so as to grasp the health status of internal personnel, and effectively carry out personnel management and control and related work deployment

the epidemic data of central enterprises are mainly used to calculate the health status of employees. Smartech believes that the biggest opportunity is to form visual statistical charts with more durable ABS and polylactic acid printing materials, so that the epidemic data can be seen at a glance

video conference is mainly used for work liaison and collaborative deployment of leaders at all levels

the work log is mainly used for employees to report their work at home, so as to facilitate the tracking of project progress

ZTE will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic, respond to every demand in real time, and actively implement every prevention and control measure. It is known as the "green card" of the industry to help relevant departments pay attention to the health of employees and contribute to the early containment of the epidemic

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