Be careful when eating moon cakes packed in wood.

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Beware of eating wooden moon cakes

Professor Li Gongfu, Dean of the Department of packaging engineering, School of wood industry, Nanjing Forestry University, reminded consumers: many wooden moon cake boxes are toxic

according to relevant experts, wooden packing boxes usually use density fiberboard. The adhesives used for this kind of fiberboard are mostly urea formaldehyde resin adhesives, and even phenolic adhesives used in furniture production. These materials contain a large amount of free formaldehyde, which is easily absorbed by food, resulting in eye, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract diseases

experts pointed out that composite plastic film is a good way to block free formaldehyde, so consumers should pay attention to the inner packaging when purchasing wooden packaged food. Composite packaging film is generally the one with thicker texture and better gloss. However, as the relevant test methods and national standards have not been introduced, it is not feasible to ban the sale of food with excessive formaldehyde in packaging boxes. Consumers are advised to choose food packaged in cartons

sound applicable materials: rubber, plastic plate, pipe, profile Ming:

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