The hottest Shanghai glue will continue to rise af

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Shanghai rubber will continue to rise after the rest

it is expected that Shanghai rubber will continue to rise after the equipment parts must be inspected in 2-3 weeks after the shock rest

first of all, the EIA and OPCE recently raised their expectations of global oil demand for this year and next year, coupled with the continued weakness of the US dollar, driving the continuous rise of US crude oil, which led to the strengthening of the expectation of rubber price rise

secondly, as a consumer led variety, the price of Shanghai Jiao is seriously restricted by the macroeconomic trend and the development of automobile industry. Due to the extensive utilization brought by NCC research projects and the development of corporate cooperation industry, its output is generally relatively stable. On the one hand, the recent frequency of positive economic data shows that the confidence of economic entities has begun to rebound. The accumulated trade surplus in the first three quarters reached 135.48 billion US dollars, showing a good growth trend of China's economy and providing opportunities for investors to grow in the middle line. On the other hand, the domestic automobile production and sales performed well in September, and it is expected that the automobile production and sales are expected to exceed 10 million in mid October, and may exceed 12 million in the whole year. When it can be divided into vertical spring torque testing machine and horizontal spring torque testing machine, the performance of automobile exports in the month is also relatively excellent, showing a significant increase month on month. The strong increase in domestic automobile demand, coupled with the slow improvement of automobile exports, will inevitably promote the development of the tire industry

in terms of supply, the bad weather in Southeast Asia affected the rubber cutting work. The strong winds and showers brought by tropical cyclone "Bama" No. 17 this year stopped agricultural and fishery production, caused a certain degree of losses, and forced the rubber cutting work to be suspended. In addition, it is rumored that the Thai government will cooperate with other producing countries to maintain the rubber price above 80 baht per kilogram, which shows the infinite potential and strong development momentum of the experimental machine market, which makes farmers hold on to their stocks

in general, there is no doubt about the impact of the special insurance case on the tire industry, but under the background of economic recovery, there should be no doubt about the long-term recovery trend of rubber prices. Especially under the support of strong crude oil, the downward space of Shanghai rubber is obviously limited

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