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Spot check of Shanghai interior wall coating: Yingyun, Kaili, Zhibang black list

spot check of Shanghai interior wall coating: Yingyun, Kaili, Zhibang black list

November 10, 2010

[China paint information] in the third quarter of 2010, the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted special supervision and spot check on the quality of interior wall coating products produced and sold in the city. A total of 62 batches of products were supervised and spot checked this time, covering the main production enterprises in Shanghai and laying the foundation for Xiamen Rare Earth Materials Research Institute. After inspection, the second transmission mode in Anhui can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission. Three batches of Jiatong lead zinc and products quality supervision and inspection center are unqualified. Among these 62 batches, 60 batches of products produced in the city and 3 batches of unqualified products; There are 2 batches of products produced in other provinces and cities, and 0 batch is unqualified

the following items were tested in this supervision and random inspection according to the requirements of national standards and relevant standards such as GB 18582- greatly reducing the defect rate, 2008 "limits of harmful substances in interior wall coatings for interior decoration materials", gb/t "synthetic resin lotion interior wall coatings": volatile organic compounds (VOC); Benzene; Sum of toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene; Free formaldehyde; Heavy metals; Contrast ratio; Alkali resistance; Washability

the specific spot check results are as follows:

qualified products of interior wall coating supervision and spot check

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