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The forum of Shanghai International Industry Expo attracts world-class scholars

the forum of Shanghai International Industry Expo attracts world-class scholars

200. Some customers will say why the experimental machine I bought has been used for many years, and whether the damage is the poor quality of the machine? November 7, 2003

the integration and annexation of the lithium battery industry driven by the spring tide of electric vehicles will directly promote great changes in the industry pattern. The forum was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on November 6, At the report meeting with the theme of "Chinese manufacturing industry: comparative

advantages and competitive advantages", five Chinese and foreign experts talked about the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing

the ICIF forum has attracted world-class scholars. Among the two foreign experts who came to Shanghai to make a speech, including lupes, chief economist of the world economic forum and director of the global competition project, Dr. Peter Corus, a Dutch Royal shell oil company, a giant in the petroleum and chemical industry. Chinese guests included Liu Shijin, Minister of industrial economy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Guo Kesha, director of the WTO and China Industrial Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Ma Xinsheng, President of Shanghai Electric Group

what are the reasons why the rise and fall of electronic universal machines are not working? In fact, it analyzes the situation and shortcomings of China's manufacturing industry, China's attraction to the world's investment entities, and the opportunities of China's economic entities and global supply chains, especially manufacturing

6. Automatic storage of tensile stripping tester: reprinted from "China's epoxy resin industry" at the end of the experiment

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