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Shanghai gutter oil will be exported to the Netherlands and processed into aviation kerosene

Xinhua News Agency Zhou Lin and Huang Anqi

gutter oil that makes Chinese consumers pale at the smell can "fly to the sky" in the eyes of others. Around the middle of July, 2000 tons of waste oil produced in Shanghai will begin their "flying journey". After customs declaration and other procedures, these oils will be processed into aviation bio kerosene by Dutch Airlines technicians for aircraft use

is it reliable to change "gutter oil" into "aviation oil"? Does the Chinese company have complete "oil change" technology? Can waste oil "go to heaven" prevent gutter oil from "going to the table"

is it reliable for waste oil to "fly into the sky"

according to the relevant person in charge of the office of Shanghai Food Safety Commission, waste oil contains a large amount of animal fat, which can be processed into No. 0 biodiesel after special treatment such as purification and chemical reaction. This process can be completed by some enterprises in Shanghai; After further treatment, its combustion value and other indicators can reach the standard of aircraft metal shear testing machine, which is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials, and it can be produced into aviation bio kerosene

it is reported that a Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Royal Dutch Airlines, which will provide Royal Dutch Airlines with more than 10000 tons of "No. 0 biodiesel" converted from waste oil. Soon, the first batch of oil will be delivered, which will be transformed into aviation Bio kerosene after technical reprocessing by the Dutch company for aircraft use

Mr. Dirk, the general manager of a biofuel company under KLM, said that since last year, the Netherlands has been actively looking for the supply of waste oil raw materials in China, and has tested many samples from China with very satisfactory results

KLM is not the only company to "fly" waste oil. Public information shows that in 2011, Thomson airways also tried to change the fuel in one of the aircraft engines into fuel oil processed from waste oil, achieving a successful trial flight; In June, 2012, the gate of KLM's "waste oil" flight should be opened from the beginning to fly intercontinental routes

why don't Chinese planes "drink"

why don't Chinese companies "feed" Chinese aircraft when refining gutter oil? Is it because the refining cost is too high that the company is unwilling to do it, or is it a technical problem

after the interview, it was found that the failure to achieve large-scale promotion was mainly related to three reasons:

first, the lack of technological maturity. Dirk said that from "No. 0 biodiesel" to aviation bio kerosene, it needs special process treatment, and the process requirements are high. It is found that at present, many environmental protection companies in China can treat waste oil into "No. 0 biodiesel" for ships, automobiles, etc. as fuel oil, but the technology to upgrade "No. 0 biodiesel" to aviation bio kerosene for direct use by aircraft is not mature

second, the conversion cost is high. At present, the waste oil "going to heaven" is still in the experimental stage, and it has not been popularized on a large scale due to the high cost. Dirk said that the combustion value of aviation bio kerosene is basically the same as that of ordinary fuel, but the production cost is high, which has been about three times that of traditional fuel before; Nowadays, the company imports a large number of waste oil raw materials and works with partners to reduce costs, but the cost is still above traditional fuel oil

third, raw materials are insufficient. "With sophisticated technology, it is difficult to make a large amount of waste oil 'go to heaven'." Zhang Yingwen, the CEO of an environmental protection technology enterprise in Shanghai, said that compared with the "guerrillas" who receive oil without cost and profit, the price of biodiesel disposal enterprises' purchase of raw materials is not attractive. Therefore, some small catering enterprises sell waste oil to the "guerrillas" and eventually return to the table, while regular enterprises "can't eat enough"

Dirk also said that the price of gutter oil purchased by illegal acquirers is higher than that of legal kitchen waste recycling companies, so the profit space of biomass fuel companies has been seriously compressed

"heaven" can eliminate "table"

friends have said that if the waste oil is "up to heaven" and can be promoted on a large scale, is it not that there is no oil in the gutter? By then, gutter oil will really disappear

experts believe that in order to make waste oil "go to heaven" rather than "on the table", the key is to control from the source and ensure the raw material supply of formal biodiesel conversion enterprises. Recently, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have started new attempts. For example, the generation and recycling of waste oil are "monitored throughout the process", so as to reduce the possibility of waste oil "entering the gutter" and then "serving"

at the same time, you said that we should learn from foreign experience and introduce more relevant policies and regulations to combat the illegal acquisition of gutter oil, so that "guerrillas" dare not collect oil. In addition, more support and subsidies can be given to biomass fuel enterprises. If enterprises can reduce costs, they can increase the price of waste oil purchased from catering units and fight a price war with "guerrillas"

Zhang Yingwen said that his company plans to cooperate with relevant international enterprises without being seen by infrared cameras, provide waste oil raw materials and share profits; When the time is ripe, a joint venture can be formed to introduce technology into China. "We estimate that by introducing such technology around the National Day this year, domestic airlines will be able to purchase and use our oil directly

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