Spain's hottest plastics industry revenue growth

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The income of the Spanish plastic industry increased

in 2000, the income of the Spanish plastic industry reached 2.3 trillion pesetas (about 190 pesetas per dollar), an increase of 12.75% over 2.04 trillion pesetas in 1999

according to the information provided by the Spanish Federation of plastic owners (anaip), the per capita plastic consumption in Spain was 110 kg in 2000, 8 kg more than that in 1999. This year's per capita consumption is expected to reach 120 kg

the Federation predicts that in the next few years, the annual growth rate of the Spanish plastic industry will be between 5% and 8%, ranking seventh in the world in terms of consumption and ninth in terms of production

at present, Spain has 3975 enterprises producing and processing plastics, employing more than 84000 people, and the number of staff in the next two years is expected to increase by 1000

In 1999, the investment in the Spanish plastic industry was 110, a decrease of 176 PCT pesetas month on month, and the output was more than 4million tons. It is expected that the output in 2001 will reach 4.5 million tons

last year, Spain exported 2.5 million tons of plastic raw materials, with an export revenue of about 500 billion pesetas. The main export objects are France, Germany, Portugal 40 ~ 77hrd, Britain, the Netherlands, the United States, Morocco and Turkey

in terms of consumption structure, the first consumption area of plastics is the canning industry, accounting for 35% of the total consumption; Followed by the construction industry, accounting for 14% of the total consumption; Real estate and basic industry account for 8% respectively; The agricultural and power sectors account for 5% each

(excerpted from China chemical industry news, where Hu Jintao announced his "naked withdrawal")

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