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Kao (China) continued to donate products to the Shanghai Charity Foundation. Release date: Source: Kao

in November 2019, Kao (China) donated health care products, skin cleansing care products and clothing washing products with a total value of about 580000 yuan to the Shanghai Charity Foundation again. Construction sealant jc/t 884 (2) 001

for color coated steel plates, Kao (China) has been actively implementing the enterprise society and always wants to repay the society. For 14 consecutive years, it has donated products to poor college students and other groups with living difficulties through Shanghai Charity Foundation to provide them with life assistance. In 2019, before donation, Kao had in-depth communication with Shanghai Charity Foundation, learned about the current situation of insufficient diapers in Shanghai Children's welfare home, and further confirmed the specific situation. Subsequently, he donated a batch of wonderful and comfortable diapers to the welfare home in time. In addition, in view of the above error reasons, Kao also learned that some nursing homes are still lack of clothes washing products, and increased the donation of washing powder and detergent on the basis of previous years. At the same time, Kao responded to the needs of the recipients by adjusting the types and frequency of donations. In the future, Kao will continue to practice the society of "enterprise and its industrial citizens" and give back to the society with gratitude

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